TuTuBox – How to Install Tutu Box on iOS Devices

Tutubox is one of the latest third-party stores for iOS users. This has hundreds of applications in its store. If you want to install third-party apps in iOS, you have no option other than to visit a third-party app store. In this article, I am going to tell you the benefits and usage of TuTuBox – the best third-party app store for iOS.

Unlike Android OS, iOS is not open-source in nature. It does not provide the features like installing third-party apps, customized apps, etc. to its users.

Since iOS does not allow the installation of third-party apps, the iOS developers have come up with plenty of third-party app stores for the users’ convenience. And among them, probably the best one is TuTuBox.

Features Of Tutu Box:

TuTuBox is considered the best third-party app store for various reasons, and one of the strongest reasons is the features of this app.

No jailbreaking/Apple ID Needed: This is probably the best feature of the TuTuBox iOS app. You actually do not need an Apple ID to download apps from here, neither you need to go through the complex jailbreaking process. There is no need to validate any information either from the App Store. It is just a single-click job to download the apps from here.

Less Revokes: TuTu Box gets the fewest revokes from any other iOS third-party app store.

Up-to-date App Library: This app never fails to update its library so that you can get the latest versions of your favorite apps or games from here.

Free Apps: Every app you get from here is absolutely free of cost, which means, you do not have to pay a single penny for the apps you download from here.

Trusted Connection: The apps or games you download from TuTuapp is delivered to you via a secure SSL connection between the TuTuapp store and your phone. That means you do not have to compromise with the security of your device if you use it.

How to Install TuTuBox on iOS devices

You are here in this section and that means, you want to download and install TuTuBox on iOS devices. I am stating you the step-by-step guide. You only have to follow the steps properly in order to install TuTuBox on iPhone, iPad

Download TuTuBox on your iOS phone

Now, the main part, i.e. download and install TuTuBox on your iOS phone. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open Safari browser and click on the link given below


  • You will see a pop-up saying “tutubox.io” would like to install “TuTuBox”.
  • Tap on the Install button.
  • Then it will start downloading and will be installed in the app drawer of your iPhone.

How to Verify Tutu Box Store Profile on iPhone/iPad:

After the installation, when you will try to open it, you will see a message saying, Untrusted Enterprise Developer. You need to fix this problem if you want to use TuTuBox. Go through the following steps to fix this error.

  • Open General from the Settings of your phone.
  • Check Profile & Device Management.
  • Search for the Developer. You will see the app showing Unverified.

verify tutubox on iPhone

  • Tap on the Developer and tap on the Trust button to confirm.

trust tutu box app

  • Check if the app is showing Verified.

You are done! Close all tabs and settings and open the app to use it without any error.

Alternative Method to Install Tutuapp Store:

If the method above does not work for you, you can follow this alternative method to try installing Tutu app.

Prepare Your Device to Install Tutu Box:

  • You need to go to the Apple app store and get the DNSCloak app on your device.
  • Get one of the two files given below. You must have these on your device

OSCP Text File

PPQ/OSCP Text File

  • Now, Open DNS Cloak app and hit on 3 horizontal lines at the top left corner
  • DNSCrypt settings will open and there you must enable “connect on demand” option
  • Scroll down a big and go to “blacklist and whitelist”
  • Then, toggle the button next to “enable blacklist” and a file menu will open on your screen.
  • Select one of the two text files you downloaded above.
  • Now, get back to the home screen of DNS Cloak file and choose the available DNS server : a-and-a. Click on use this server
  • Now, open settings on your device.
  • Go to General, choose VPN, click on DNSCloak >> (i) >> Connect on Demand
  • Now clear the cookies and history from the Safari browser by going to Settings > Safari, then click Clear History and Website Data.

clear safari browser history

Tutubox Download

  • Open Safari browser on your device.
  • Type in tutubox.io/install.html and click Go.
  • Make sure that you tap the right download file because this site has numerous click pop-up ads and redirects as well.
  • Scroll down to the Tutubox Download section.
  • Tap on either Signed or No Revoke file. If this file does not work, you can try to download the other files too.

tutubox download on iOS

Once the installation is completed on your device, follow the same verification procedure mentioned above to use it without any errors.

Is TuTuBox Available for Android Users?

TuTuBox is probably the best third-party app store for iOS phones. After seeing its exciting features, many android users want to know if the app store is available for Android OS or not.

To answer that, the single-word answer will be No. TuTuBox is not available for Android OS, at least for now. But the good news is, the developers are working hard on the Android version. And who can say, there might be a day in the near future that the Android users will be able to download apps from TuTu Box as well.

Can I Install TuTuBox on Jailbroken Devices?

TuTuBox is such an app that does not need to jailbreak your iOS phone in order to install it. But if you jailbroke your phone before downloading the app, you do not need to worry about it. You can still download, install, and use TuTuBox on your jailbroken phone.

TuTuBox does not depend on whether the phone is jailbroken or not. As far as your phone meets the minimum system requirements for TuTuBox, you can download and install it on your phone.

Is It Possible to Install TuTuBox on iOS 6?

The minimum system requirement on the official site of TuTuBox says you need to have an iPhone with iOS 13 or an updated version. But if you have a lower version, such as iOS 6, then what should you do? Will you still be able to download and install TuTuBox on that phone?

I am afraid my friend, that if you have an iPhone lower than iOS 13, if you have an iPhone of iOS 6, then you won’t be able to install TuTuBox on that phone. Your phone must meet the minimum system requirements to be downloaded and installed on. If your phone does not match the minimum system requirements, try to get one that does.

However, you can go to the TuTuBox legacy site and download and install third-party apps from there on your iOS 6 phones! Just type https://tutubox.io/iOS6.html in the URL box of your phone’s browser and tap Go. The site will open on your mobile screen.

Is TuTuBox VIP Available?

Yes! TuTuBox VIP is available for iPhone users! And trust me, TuTuBox VIP could be a way better experience for you if you avail of this service!

Why TuTuBox VIP?

No revokes!: If you get the TuTuBox VIP service, you would be able to avoid revokes, at least 99% of the time! And if this happens, you will get a new certificate automatically! What you’ll have to do is just reinstall the app.

All the apps: You’ll get the chance to download and install all the apps that are not available on the App store. And you do not need to jailbreak your phone for that!

Virus and Malware-free: With TuTuBox VIP, you’ll get apps that are totally virus and malware-free!
A dedicated support system: The support team is always there to help you if you counter any issues while using the TuTuBox VIP!


TuTuBox is such an app store that gives you the freedom to download and install free apps from the exclusive TuTu Box library. This is absolutely safe, and you do not even need to jailbreak your iPhone! So if you have an iOS 13 or upper version phone, feel free to use this third-party app store called TuTuBox!